landscaping services

Land and lot clearing

– Emergency storm clean-up

– Cabling & bracing
– Brush removal
– Bush & shrub removal 
 -Raising canopies   – custom design
– Raising balance    – mulching
– Thinning                  – planting
– Pruning                    – seed and sod installation
– Shaping                    -paver patios
-storm damage       -retaining walls

Types of tree trimming

Our name said all, since 2002 we’re been serving Evansville and the tristate area with hundreds of satisfied customers our goal as company to keep our name out there with a great reputation. call us today to get the best quote in town,…

When we receive tree service estimate requests we always do our best to make sure that those customers who made the request are present at their property for that estimate. Read about why we don’t give tree service by phone. Especially when it comes to tree trimming, there are a number of different standardized results set forth by the Tree Care Industry Association (T.C.I.A.) and also the international Society of Arboriculture (I.S.A.). Read about those different levels of tree pruning…

When we step onto a property not only are we there to provide a cost estimate to a potential customer but we are also there to educate the customer on the basics of arboriculture. Tree pruning is something that is very beneficial to the health, look, and life expectancy of a tree. When it comes to how you want your tree trimmed, it’s not as simple as just removing a limb here or a dead limb there. We have to take into the consideration the balance of the tree, the underlying landscape, disease-infected areas, strength of tree to wind and ice, and the aesthetic of it as well. Here are the 3 levels of pruning that we educate our customers on.

CLASS III – Hazard Prevention Tree Trimming

This level of trimming is the minimum level of pruning. The aesthetic of the tree is nominally considered compared to removing limbs that are infected with disease, dead, or pose a danger in causing damage to structures underneath during high winds, storms, and ice. For example, if there are dead tree limbs that are hanging over the roof of a home then we will solely trim that limb and anything similar to that but refrain from trimming any living healthy branches.

CLASS II – Straight-Forward/Preventative Trimming

This class of tree service includes all of what Class III includes and also includes trimming of living/healthy limbs to reduce wind resistance. It also includes removing larger tree limbs that are obstructing views, structures, and walkways. The main improvement from Class II tree trimming is the structural improvement of the tree along with alleviating health concerns of the tree. Examples of this include roof clearing and raising tree canopies.

CLASS I  Fine/Detail-Oriented Trimming

Class I tree trimming includes all of what class I and II includes plus providing tree pruning to improve the aesthetic. This type of trimming includes selectively trimming healthy limbs along with removing the tree suckers and individually pruning small branches of new aesthetically undesirable growth. We shape the crown of the tree, shape the tree perfectly, and selective thin out the main leaf areas for improved sunlight penetration.
These are required by each of our tree service specialists to explain to all of our customers that they meet with. My goal is to give customers a better understanding of the quality of work we provide. Any person with a chainsaw, pickup truck and trailer can say they provide tree service. All of our tree service crews go through a training period to not only learn the labor intensive process but they also learn the practices that are generally accepted among Certified Arborist.
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